Thursday, April 9, 2009

April's featured items

Introducing... featured items in the shop for the month of April!

This month's wares are for the home: Pennant banner things! (Wow. Writing that is such a semantic let-down. I can’t settle on a good name for these.) Most people call them banners. I like the word pennant for its reminiscent flavor.
However you choose to slice it, these bunting-pennant-banner-garlands are a great way to decorate. Brighten up a girl's room with the pink pennant. Gussy up a party with the red dotted bunting.
Growing up we had a mylar birthday banner that was hung on the wall behind our kitchen table on the morning of your special day. By dinner, it usually ended up in a pile on the floor- the effect of years of being tightly rolled up. So it is my hope that this birthday banner might serve your family with the same tradition, but will stay put a little better.

You could also design a custom banner with a certain name, words in a different language...
Keep thinking.

There you have it: the features for April.


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