Friday, May 22, 2009

Vintage redo

I found these vintage sheets at a local thrift shop for...drum roll, please...forty-nine cents each! Summer is on its way where we live, so I decided to make some soft summer sleeping shorts.
I pulled out a pattern I had used before: McCall's 4136. The soft winter sleeping pants I made from this a while back are not very, how do I say it...feminine.
Don't get me wrong. This pattern is extremely easy and the pants turn out just fine. Just bulky and frumpy- perfect for winter.
So instead I grabbed my favorite pair of Old Navy lounge pants and just used them for a pattern.
I love the way they turned out! And talk about soft!

I heart old sheets.

sheet shorts, originally uploaded by sraines.

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  1. Girl, these are so awesome! Take me sheet shopping??? I love them too!