Friday, June 5, 2009

June's featured items

Introducing... featured items in the shop for the month of June!

After an unplanned break from sewing for the shop new items were posted just today. Fresh and in time for coming summer, these wares are especially for little women.

The summer tanks are inspired by the great fun I have making pictures on onesies. Both are of the size S and could fit a child between 3T-5T.
The little pink bird is so sweet and I even got to use a button on her! (Something I don't get to do with onesies.)
Note: Please forgive the washed-out nature of these photos. Is it possible that it was just too beautiful and sunny today?
The happy tree is still one of my favorite designs. Found here on a linen green tank.

And my first dress to be listed in the shop- the garden dress. This is a dainty, delicate ware for a girl wearing 5T-6T. The crochet and lace is in a unique goldenrod color. So pretty!

Enjoy these wares! Happy shopping for little girls everywhere!


  1. I have a little "Rain-man" to buy for . . . any summer suggestions for an 18-24 mo. gerden lover and mad scientist?

  2. My suggestion: Get him to concoct a potion that will keep away bean beetles.

    I am actually hoping to venture into some boy appliqued T's for July, if that's more what you were thinking. :)