Friday, July 24, 2009

Trauma on the front lines

We have a sick chicken. It's Beatrice.
I had noticed that she hadn't been acting herself over the past few days and yesterday when I went to collect the afternoon eggs I saw the reason why.
She has a hurt leg! There is a nasty scrape and a few infected scales. It is very sad.

So,yesterday I brought Bea up onto the back porch and proceeded to live out my childhood dream. Actually, it is even better than that. I lived out 2 of my childhood dreams all at once: to be a veterinarian and to be a farmer. (I guess they really are two in the same, but who's counting?)

After spritzing off her wound using a water bottle, I soaked her leg in a warm bath with Epsom salts. She seemed to like that. Next, I coated her wound in ointment and she slept the night in her own little box on the porch.

I can't tell if she's doing any better yet. She is currently hiding underneath the porch where I can't reach her. I'm off to tempt her with some tasty scratch grains. Hopefully that will lure her out and we can have our follow-up visit.

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