Monday, November 9, 2009

Decorate with Starbursts!

Inspired by this photo, I made the cake for a recent baby shower. I chose one of Martha's lemon cake recipes, added a little lemon curd in between the layers, and iced with a lemon buttercream. On top- Starburst polkadots!

1. Microwave each candy square for about 20 seconds, depending on your oven. I worked with one square at a time because they "dry" fairly quickly.

2. Roll out the candy using a glass or bottle.

3. Cut out shapes. I used the top of my salt shaker and some glass bottles. The bottles didn't work as well because of the threaded tops. Next time, I'll spend more time looking for some more lids with a cookie cutter edge.

4. Cut different sizes from each color. (Do you see those scraps? Those are for you to eat.)

5. Arrange your dots by gently pressing them onto the icing. My icing was still wet, so they held on very well.

Photos by drew.
Tah dah! Fake fondant polkadot decor!

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