Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March's featured items

Introducing...featured items in the Etsy shop for March!
:Wares for wee babes:

This is one of my favorite designs for boys. The water beneath this floating boat is a soft, blue flannel.

I found the vintage fabric containing this unique flower at an antique store in the small town south of where we live. I can hardly bear to cut it, so this is all that I could part with for right now. Give me some time!

This citrus slice was inspired by a custom order last spring. The "rind" fabric is a revived vintage sheet.

And finally we have an in-house model to show how adorable these onesies can really be!

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  1. Okay seriously, I was just glancing absentmindedly through my Google reader and was like, I know that kid! Love the shirts. Will have to check out your etsy shop.