Thursday, April 8, 2010

What to do?

How do I make this decision? I mean, we haven't gotten eggs consistently since autumn of 2009. What else are we to do?
(Oh, how I miss these days!)

The girls tasted freedom (free ranging in our back yard) for many months during the fall. The garden was fading, the yard was already destroyed by moles, so we let them roam.
(Bea roosting in her favorite pine tree.)

(The day we found our chickens over the fence in our neighbors backyard.)

(An egg from one of the Reds unearthed in the FRONT of our house. We still have no idea about that one.)

And now, since being closed inside their tractor, it's as if they have folded their arms and stubbornly sit, refusing to lay.

I have heard that once hens get used to laying outside of their coops they don't go back to laying in the nesting boxes. And really, who blames them?

But here we are with a decision to make: To keep or not to keep. Am I okay with having (and paying for) pets when what I really wanted was another taste of farm life?


I'll let you know when this gets resolved. For now, I'm off to feed the girls. Crossing my fingers.

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