Tuesday, October 26, 2010

If you give a hen a recipe for homemade finger paints...

She's going to want to make them for her boys.
While stirring the goo, she's probably going to ponder over colors.
When she thinks of colors, she's likely to think of her long lost fabrics.
So, she'll probably go look at them.
When she sees her fabrics, she's going to think of art smock appliques.
And you know what'll happen if she thinks of appliques....
She's going to want to make them for her boys.

*Attempting art with toddlers, inspired by my dear friend Debbie who is bursting with beauty and creativity!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Postal obsession

We *love* the mail truck at our house. He's so predictable and so giving!
I knew right away what would inspire our boys' second birthday celebration!
Finally had an excuse to create a fun new applique.

Make that two fun new appliques!

In lieu of gifts, we asked friends to bring mail! They've had a blast sorting the postcards and letters, emptying the homemade mailbox, trading cards back and forth.

And I treated myself to a little something from my urbanhen stock.
I'll admit, I've always been jealous of whoever would eventually purchase this ware. I love it! So...thanks for never buying this one. I guess.