Tuesday, October 26, 2010

If you give a hen a recipe for homemade finger paints...

She's going to want to make them for her boys.
While stirring the goo, she's probably going to ponder over colors.
When she thinks of colors, she's likely to think of her long lost fabrics.
So, she'll probably go look at them.
When she sees her fabrics, she's going to think of art smock appliques.
And you know what'll happen if she thinks of appliques....
She's going to want to make them for her boys.

*Attempting art with toddlers, inspired by my dear friend Debbie who is bursting with beauty and creativity!


  1. Attempting art or any kind of craft is always interesting. I'm usually ready for it to be over too soon after it begins & much sooner than my children. Here's an idea I used to do with David: let him paint in the bathtub. I'd hang paper all around the bathtub walls & let him go to town with the paint. When it was over I'd move the paper & give him & the tub a bath. It was very easy. Now we, usually, paint outside.

  2. I love this idea and hadn't thought of it. Thanks, L!

  3. how fun Sharon! of course the Hen would make a craft out of it! I LOVE doing crafts with the kids, I just sorta forget to...I have been lately with the boy cause I feel like he NEEDS a handprint turkey:)