Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hearting Africa

Right now I'm busy working on a custom order for more of these wares, inspired last year by my little ones. These new ornaments will be going to a mother soon expecting a little one of her own.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Two for one

I have two boys. Somehow we ended up with one backpack. My two boys love this one backpack. See how these numbers aren't adding up?

Instead up my own previously used drawstring backpack pattern, I tried Simplicity 5284 - a pattern that I had actually picked up years ago for the a-line dress. I didn't add interfacing, as the pattern recommended. I rarely do listen to patterns on these matters. But I think the interfacing actually might be nice in this one. The bags are bit floppy which makes them hard for tiny hands to reach inside. I made the front pocket bigger and the elastic gathering longer.

Instead of d-rings I used two clasps that a friend had given me a while back. She used to work at Gap and one day somebody at her store was throwing away bags and bags of these overall rings. What?!?
Fortunate for me she's a hoarder of random things that might possibly maybe be useful for something crafty someday.
Yep. These were. Thanks, D.