Friday, March 16, 2012

Make your own rules!

This not a philosophy lesson, it's a little tutorial. You can literally make your own house rules. First, you have to make your own house rules.

What are the standards for the people in your family? How do you want to be?
If you have young kids in your home, it is best to keep to a small number of statements. 2-3 is good. 4 is probably pushing it.

Once you have your family statements, create a document and try out fonts! You'll either find this super fun or super exhausting. It can become like writing, itself: after a while you question if that really is how you spell the word "and".
Fonts for Peas is a site loooaded with fonts made from the handwriting of anyone who submits.

Next, print your rules on the paper you like, in the size you prefer, using the color you want. Lots of room for creativity, here! I used 8.5x11 card stock sheets, since I knew I'd be framing them as 8x10s, and black ink, since I wanted the color to come from the thread and fabrics and...because we don't own a color printer.

Finally comes the sewing. I think it is so much fun to sew on paper! Don't be intimidated, just be careful. Paper is not forgiving when you poke a series of holes into it.
Somewhere it has been demonstrated that we do nearly 80% of our learning from what we take in as visual information. So, do what you can to make it beautiful!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Lamp update

Twelve years ago, we received a lamp as a wedding present. It was the only floor lamp we owned for a while. And, as residents of a number of apartments and duplexes which always seemed to lack overhead lighting (what is with that?), we were really glad to have it.
Needless to say, this floor lamp was long over due for some attention. I sprayed it, took apart the shade, and "recovered" it with strips of fabric.
Think it'll last me another 12 years?